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What is Eliquis?

Eliquis, also known as apixaban, is a medication primarily used to prevent the formation of blood clots and lower the risk of stroke. It is mainly prescribed for people who suffer from an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) or for people after knee or hip surgery when their movement may be limited.

There are a number of other reasons to take Eliquis. Apixaban is also used to treat blood clot formation in the lungs, known as pulmonary embolism (PE), or blood clot formation in the deep veins of your legs, known as DVT (Deep vein thrombosis). Eliquis may also be used to lower the risk of the recurrence of blood clot development.

Eliquis (apixaban) is an important blood clot prevention medication. However, Eliquis can be expensive because no generic version (known as apixaban) has been made available in the United States yet. It’s no surprise that high drug prices lead to many wondering if a cheaper generic is available. The short answer is yes, but, currently, you can only purchase generic Eliquis from an international option like our Canadian online pharmacy.

When will the generic be available in the U.S.?

In a press release [1] from 2019, the FDA approved generic versions of Eliquis, but they are not available in the U.S. This is because Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Pfizer argue that their patent gives them the right to sell Eliquis exclusively until November 2026. 

Generic Eliquis from Canada

You don't have to wait until 2026 to get access to generic Eliquis. Generic Eliquis is available through other avenues because U.S. drug patents may not apply with the same rules as other manufacturing markets around the world. Since apixaban is not yet available for sale in the United States, you can start saving now by purchasing it from a Canadian pharmacy like Canadian Pharmacy Service.

Currently, the price of generic Eliquis from Canada is actually close to the price of the brand name. This is typically not the case as generics are often far cheaper. Nonetheless, whether you purchase brand or generic Eliquis, significant savings are available compared to the average American pharmacy. Read on to learn about Eliquis costs.

The importance of Generic Eliquis

Access to generic Eliquis through an online Canadian pharmacy is a big deal. Generic apixaban allows at-risk patients to save on one of the most popular and effective anticoagulants on the market. Several factors, such as the drug’s effectiveness, demand, and regulations, keep the price of brand-name Eliquis quite high. The availability of this generic version bridges the gap between patients with financial concerns and the forefront of blood-thinning medication. Generic apixaban lets you benefit from the heavy research and development invested into Eliquis at a fraction of the cost.

Beyond substantial savings, the availability of generic apixaban from Canada is highly valuable because it gets you affordable apixaban much sooner. As mentioned, generic versions of Eliquis are not available in the U.S. until 2026 at the earliest. Getting easy access to this normally expensive medication can make a life-saving difference. Clinical studies have shown that apixaban is more effective at preventing blood clots and stroke than warfarin. Plus, apixaban accomplishes this without increasing your bleeding risk. Combined with its quick onset time, generic apixaban is a cost-effective way of getting the benefits of Eliquis without breaking the bank.

How much does Eliquis cost?

Eliquis can average $450 to $500 per prescription filled in the U.S. With such a high price, you may be wondering if a cheaper generic is available. The short answer is yes, but currently only from an international option like our Canadian online pharmacy.

Eliquis Cost in Canada

If you’re looking to save on the cost of Eliquis, then Canadian pharmacies are a great option. Our current prices offer substantial savings compared to U.S. prices. Currently, Eliquis 5mg is approximately 80% cheaper from Canada. A $500 prescription of 60 pills from the U.S. can be bought for under $100 from Canadian Pharmacy Service. Keep in mind, we also offer the generic version of Eliquis that offers even more savings.

Eliquis 5mg – 60 tablets

Typical USA price with coupon: $527.68

Typical Canadian Pharmacy: $90


Eliquis 2.5mg – 60 tablets

Typical USA price with coupon: $520.71

Typical Canadian Pharmacy: $85

Why is Eliquis Cheaper from Canada?

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that Canadian online pharmacies give you access to global options from all across the world that are safe and offer significant savings. The second is that in Canada, the government negotiates the price for Eliquis via regulatory boards. In contrast, Medicare and other government programs in the U.S. may be restricted from negotiating the price of Eliquis with the appropriate pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Thousands of Americans have been using Canadian pharmacies over the last few years to purchase Eliquis at significant savings. Start saving today.

Eliquis Side Effects & Interactions

Common Eliquis side effects may include but are not limited to:

  • Easier bleeding or bruising
  • Bleeding from an injection wound
  • Unusual bleeding including from the mouth or nose, rectum or vagina

Contact your doctor if you experience any of the following side effects of Eliquis:

  • Non-stop bleeding from any area, including the mouth, nose, rectum or vagina
  • Weakness or the feeling that you may pass out
  • Dizziness and headaches
  • Spitting up blood and coughing up blood
  • Vomit that looks like coffee grounds
  • Black or bloody stools or red, pink or brown urine

Eliquis interactions

Many patients prefer Eliquis because it has fewer interactions than older anticoagulants. If you start taking Eliquis, it is important to let your doctor know if you are taking another anticoagulant drug. Having a high concentration of blood thinner in the blood increases your risk of serious complications or a major bleeding event.

You should also tell your doctor if you are taking antidepressants, including SSRIs like fluoxetine and SNRIs like desvenlafaxine/venlafaxine. HIV drugs can also affect how apixaban works in the body. Seizure medications and supplements like St. John’s wort may also alter the efficacy of your blood thinner. Your doctor may advise you against taking over-the-counter blood thinners like aspirin or NSAIDs.

If you are at risk for a heart attack or stroke, your doctor may advise you to take low-dose aspirin to improve your cardiovascular condition. Always talk to your doctor before starting a new medication or supplement.


What strengths of Eliquis are available? 

Eliquis 5mg and 2.5mg are both available. 

Is there an Eliquis generic alternative available?

There is now a therapeutically equivalent generic alternative to Eliquis available. You can make great savings if you buy Eliquis online with Canada Drugs.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Eliquis?

Take your missed dose only the same day as soon as you remember it. Take your next dose at the regular time and continue to take twice daily. Do not take two doses of this medication at the same time.

Is there an Eliquis coupon?

You do not need an Eliquis coupon to make great savings on your medication when you buy your blood thinner medications with Canada Pharmacy Online. 

Is there an Eliquis reversal agent?

Yes, there is a medication called Andexxa (Andexanet alpha) that reverses the anticoagulant effect of Eliquis. This reversal agent may be used during serious bleeding events.

Dr.Sandra Bolanos

Medical Content on this page has been reviewed and confirmed for accuracy by

Dr Sandra Bolanos


Dr. Sandra Bolanos, MD, PhD has been practicing medicine for over 11 years. She received her medical training at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, and completed her residency training in Family Medicine at Eastern Virginia School of Medicine.

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The contact person was so nice and explained everything so that I understood. So thankful for this pharmacy. My husband and I are on a very expensive med and it’s unaffordable in the US but is affordable thru this pharmacy.

A valid Prescription is required to be mailed or faxed to complete this order. I acknowledge that I will need to be contacted to complete a health profile before my order is shipped.

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