Why Customers Prefer Canadian Pharmacy Service

In your search for reasonably priced prescriptions, you probably came across us here at Canadian Pharmacy Service. After all, with our low prices and safe medications, we’re a popular choice for many Americans.

To make sure we remain a worthy popular choice, we strictly adhere to our CIPA membership regulation. That means our customers get medication from safe, credible sources. These include licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers.

The end result is a service that our customers both trust and prefer, as they’re aware of the care and effort we put into what we offer.

Of course, you don’t have to rely on just our word to see this. Instead, take a look at the following testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers.
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By Barbara, D Seattle, WA — November, 2019
It’s just been wonderful!

Annually I save about $1000 on just one expensive prescription by ordering through your service. It’s just been wonderful! Without this medication, I get migraine headaches, and when that happens, I have to be in a dark room with no sound and no light, and it’s a day gone from my life. The Relpax really helps that. Canadian Pharmacy Service has absolutely had a positive impact on my life. Before discovering you, it was hard. I really had to watch money and try to find the cheapest place, and it was a disaster. This has made it so much nicer, so much easier. I think the US government is way behind in not allowing all of us, or Medicare, to get Canadian prescriptions. Refilling online is great, slick and easy to do. I love doing it. Before my first order, I was a little bit nervous without seeing a brick-and-mortar store, but I wanted the medicine. When the medication was here I took it, and it was obviously very effective, so no more concerns any more. I’d highly recommend using your services to anyone. By getting the medication filled in the States, we are just helping big pharmaceutical companies that don’t care a thing about us. If they cared, they wouldn’t charge twice as much in the USA as they do in Canada and other places. Either way, it’s a wonderful service, a wonderful product, superb pricing, and ordering is quite easy.

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By Philip, B Safety Harbour, FL — November, 2019
A hassle-free experience.

By using Canadian Pharmacy Service instead of my local pharmacy, I save about 15% of the total medication cost. You were recommended to me by a friend, but before my first order I was still hesitant and wondering if the medication would be the same as what I receive locally. So far, I’ve had a hassle-free experience with your service so far, and the professionalism of the representatives I’ve spoken to stands out to me. I’m happy to say that the medication I ordered arrived within the promised time period.

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By Barbara, D Gilberts, IL — November, 2019
Customer service is outstanding!

I was asked to describe my experience with Canadian Pharmacy Services and I can’t say enough about how glad I am that I started using their service to fill my prescriptions.  After comparing prices with my pharmacies and my mail order drug plan, I am saving hundreds of dollars a year by using Canadian Pharmacy Service.  I was hesitant at first wondering if the medications were going to be as pure but I have not had any problems.  As a medical person, that was a real concern for me.  After talking to the representatives and having them answer all my questions, I felt this was the way to go.  As a single person, living on a fixed income and a small pension I could no longer afford the high prices that Big Pharma was charging.  The customer service is outstanding.  Very friendly, very knowledgeable, and the whole ordering process was explained.  They even let you know in plenty of time if you have to place your next refill so you don’t run out.  So glad I made the switch!  Great job!